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The ability to envision the end result or final product is key to any successful construction project. It is this foresight, or vision, that allows Shade Construction Co., Inc. to implement the exact services required to complete your project on time, under budget, and in a highly professional manner.


Pre-construction services are often overlooked and undervalued but not by Shade Construction. We consider such services as paramount. A thorough review of design, construction documents, and existing conditions prior to commencing a project can yield numerous benefits. Identifying potential errors or discrepancies in advance allows time for corrections and changes with minimal impact to schedule and budget. Another benefit, value engineering, is a means of identifying cost-saving options or alternatives. Simply put - proper planning minimizes risk and saves dollars.

General Contracting

As a General Contractor, Shade Construction provides clients with fixed pricing accounting for all aspects of the project per the construction documents. Our strong and continued relationships with area subcontractors allow us to provide the most competitive pricing for all trades. We employ only the most experienced project managers and superintendents to guide the various subcontractors from start to finish as a cohesive project. Shade Construction serves as a singular point of contact for clients. In addition to managing subcontractors we manage schedules, payments, progress, safety, and any issues that may arise during construction.

Construction Management/

Design Build

Shade Construction takes on an even larger role than usual when offering construction management or design/build services. In such scenarios we are involved at the conceptual stage of a potential project. We assist clients and design teams in making decisions on materials and product selections that will ultimately appear in the construction documents. We also help with providing insight on logistics, phasing, and usage of space. All decisions take into account the client’s budget and their desired finished product. In essence, Shade Construction provides services from inception to completion.


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